Accident In University Case Study

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Accidents should not happen in universities because it must be self-place for students. Almost no universities allow students to bring their own vehicle to come to study. There are rail-cars services in university for everyone. Including the regulations for students who need to use vehicles there are vehicle users do not drive over 40 km/hour in university’s place, and driver always wear the helmets for reducing an injury form the accidents. However, accidents still occurred in universities. According on 2014, Lamduan Centre, Mae Fah Luang University. On 7 January 2014, contractor is influence of alcohol drove his car to scrape with the other car. His bumper and license plate got damage. Another situation is motorcycle over throw at lamduan…show more content…
This cause is the one of them and the main cause of problem is driver’s physical or driver error. Factors that contribute to this cause are sleepiness and chat or talk phone. First factor is sleepiness while driving or riding. This factor is the same result as drive while drunk because it has the same effects. Drowsiness by from four major causes is lake of sleep, sedative, and alcohol. Data from the United States were sleepiness causes of accidents on the road about 100,000 times per year with injury 76,000 cases and deaths 1,500 cases. Representing 1-3% of all incidents reported by police and accounted for 4% of all…show more content…
In United States, Total number of accidents caused by cell phone more than 1.6 million accidents per year, or an average of 4,000 times per day. Driving with only one hand and taking eyes off the road to reach for a cell phone or dial a number, failing to keep a proper lookout and to pay attention to surrounding dangers, and being distracts by a conversation on a cell phone. That is examples of careless driving caused by cell phone use. The solutions of this cause can divided kind of two factors are sleepiness and chat or talk phone. Sleepiness can solve by turn off air-conditioner, it reduce carbon dioxide in the car. Another one is taking a nap for every 150 km or every 2-3 hours. However, sleep enough in every day, makes no drowsiness while driving and reduce accidents. The solutions of chat or talk phone factor are in case of the short distance, wait to the destination and then call back. Another event of must use the cell phone while driving. Park your car on sideways in a safe place and then call. Cell phone accessories available in rush times on road, but let tell the interlocutor know that driving a car and take the time to talk to shortest. Moreover, stop read or send SMS or email when driving, this is another way to reduce

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