Safety In The Workplace Essay

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What is the difference of accidents at work and road accidents? Of course we all can distinguish two types of accident that road accidents are accidents or mishaps that occur while we are on the road. The accident in the workplace is a disaster or accident that occurs while on the job such as falling from a height while working on construction sites and so on. Without us realizing we are actually more at risk for accidents in the workplace compared to road accidents. This is because the period we are at work longer than on the road (except for the driver). General impression of workplace accidents only involved work on the project construction, mining and quarrying plant as well as the labor involved. Actually it covers all…show more content…
The construction sector is known among industry recorded a high accident rate than other industries because often associated with 3 -D phenomenon of ' Dirty, Difficult and Dangerous' (Dirty, Difficult and Dangerous). Safety in the construction industry is a significant area for this sector provides a lot of jobs and it also contributed to the increase in the rate of accidents involving fatalities. Working in this industry is considered dangerous because it may often involve working at height using scaffolding, pathways, stairs, roofs, which involves blasting excavation, earthwork machinery and use of lifting equipment such as cranes and hoist (hoist). Thus, the culture of safety in the workplace is an important element that is able to prevent the occurrence of the accident that led to the relationship between human health and environmental safety and accidents. The safety culture is also an important element in the overall activities of the organization. This is because of safety culture is able to prevent the occurrence of an accident. Awareness of occupational health and safety culture should be the agenda that should be emphasize by all

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