Accommodating Religious Expression Case Study

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In maintaining effective work environments, companies need to ensure in creating a collegial professional relationships through the employees. Employees have the abilities to share their personal information about their personal lives, work, school, family, friends, and even faith. This is why “religious expression in the DOL workplace” has been gaining more prominence and attention with the increasing diversity of the population (Accommodating Religious Expression in the Workplace, By Kelly, Eileen). Certain factors are causing this diversity to rise but there are solutions to control these factors. Factors such as morality, values towards specific topics, expression, and discrimination are just the view dominate ones that causes such issue in the workplace but still can be strategically controlled through company guidelines and standards.
Typically, a company would ultimately try to figure out a middle
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An employee will have the source of the responsibility to their issues known to the necessary parties of the company. This will cause the company to act on the need of accommodation to the employee. The employee is obligated to explain the religious nature of the belief or practice if the employer requests that information (Accommodating Religious Expression in the Workplace).
There are 4 steps in making accommodation to the employee that has conflict due to their religious beliefs. “Those four steps are; (1) flexible scheduling; (2) voluntary substitutes or swaps of shifts and assignments; (3) lateral transfer and/or change of job assignment; and, (4) modifying workplace practices, policies, and/or procedures” (“Religion in the Workplace”, By Robert Gregg). Implementing these four steps would provide enough accommodations for any
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