Accomplishments Of Anthony Elementary Principal Linda Perez

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Anthony Elementary Principal Linda Perez has a “no excuse attitude for her students and staff.” As principal she applied and received the first National Blue Ribbon in the area of Southern New Mexico. This achievement sets Ms.Perez as a go-getter, as will see with her many other accomplishments. Born in 1968 and raised in southside-central El Paso, Texas, Ms.Perez grew up in an economically disadvantaged household. Her dad worked as a laborer earning less than minimum wage, and her mom was a stay-at-home mom. Money was scarce and education was always a priority. Her parents stressed the importance of school and learning. Perez grew up with a younger sister. In a one on one interview with Christian Perez, she stated, “Growing up, I knew that…show more content…
In the five years as principal, her school met exceptional growth in the areas of reading and math. When asked how the school had progressed with her as principal, she said, “I created professional learning communities to focus on student learning and differentiated instruction.” After much success as a principal at Sunland Park, she was offered a principal position at Anthony Elementary. Anthony Elementary had not met AYP standards for three consecutive years. When Ms.Perez got to Anthony Elementary, the teachers had many excuses as to why Anthony Elementary was not meeting the AYP standards. She began a book study, Failure Is Not An Option: By Allan Blankenstein. After the book study was completed in 2010, the existing building was remodeled, and a new edition was built, creating a better learning environment. In just three years, the school had shown major improvement under the control of Perez. In 2013, Anthony Elementary was chosen to apply for the National Blue Ribbon Distinction Award. Ms.Perez and Anthony Elementary applied and won the award. Perez and her instructional coach set off to Washington, DC, to accept the most prestigious award any school can receive, and meet the president. According to Perez, “I am very proud of our teachers, students, and staff…receiving the National Blue Ribbon Award was my highest

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