Accomplishments Of John Marshall

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John Adams attempted to fulfill the many roles of a President during 1797 through 1801 as a way to maintain a stable government and to help the nation prosper as a whole. After the XYZ affair and the Alien and Sedation Acts, the tension between France and the United States continued to increase as well as the possibility of war between the two. Since the threat from France continued to be present, he authorized the establishment of an army and navy to fight in the "unofficial war", the Quasi War, while he searched for another method to end the conflict with a peaceful resolution. Due to the distinct ideas of how to deal with France, Adams soon split from Hamilton and, to the surprise of many, announced the Treaty of Mortefontance on February …show more content…

After gaining a seat in the Supreme Court and the case of Marbury versus Madison, Marshall created another segments of the court that revises actions of the executive and legislative branch, the judicial review. Because of the Judicial Review, the Supreme Court has the authority to have the final verdict on court cases and to rule something as unconstitutional. Before John Marshall, the judicial branch was not as strong as the other two branches, but with his intervention all branches were able to reach equality. The citizens during the time period had a higher probability to have a fair verdict without corruption and citizens, today, continue to have that liberty. Since, the Marbury versus Madison case, the courts continue to use it as a foundation of how the Supreme Court functions to avoid any unfairness or abuse of power. Although, Adams did not stay in office for long, he appointed someone he believed in to continue his …show more content…

After the American Revolution, and the actualization of the Jay Treaty, France thought the act to be unfavorable towards their country because it gave Britain higher power in the trade commerce. Consequently, France retaliated and began to attack American merchant ships. Because Adams did not want to begin a war, he sent three people to France as a way to make peace with the French. However, this later became known as the XYZ affair because Talleyrand would only allow the Americans to speak to him if the United States provided France with a low interest loan and pay a bribery and American merchandise. Adams denied this request and established the controversial Alien and Sedation Acts as a precautionary measure against foreign invaders. These acts came in four new laws which basically made it more difficult for foreigners to obtain their residency, to vote and to oppose the government publicly while the United States facility to deport immigrants increased. The people during this time period opposed these new regulations strongly because they thought it violated the first amendment given that it violated their freedom of speech and many citizens began getting arrested and imprisoned for publishing their opinions. Although, historians still question if these acts whether they were appropriate given the

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