According To Diane Ravitch's Essay Critical Thinking? You Need Knowledge

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According to Diane Ravitch’s argument in her essay “Critical Thinking? You Need Knowledge,” originally published in the Boston Globe on September 15, 2009, the new educational tendency of “American K12 education,” as known as “21st century skill” is condemned because it targets more on free learning skills than on learning of subjects in order to aim with the emulating of global market. She explains that knowledge-free education cannot work well if students are not interested in leaning of subject. She stays that students are able to have a deep knowledge by learning the concepts in the history, literature and art, instead of the free-learning without general background. She also argues the educational system cannot expect students to have…show more content…
History, art, literature very valuable and important in life as it helps to understand the reason why different things happened in certain ways in the past. The story of the death of Ryan in 1990 is helpful for chemical students to know about the history of the compound of MMA. Ryan was died and Ryan’s mother was committed to kill Ryan because FBI found ethylene glycol in his bother. After her mother spent 6 months in jail, the scientists confirmed that the reason of Ryan death was because of MMA which caused genetic disorder. By knowing this story and studying the concept, it helps me easily to remember the property of this substance and to apply on my lab experiments. Especially when I work with ethylene glycol, it knows it a toxic substance, so I need to handle or carefully perform my experiment. If I do not study about it, it is so dangerous if to use wrong reactants in my major which can cause burn. I argue with her we can see other experience to apply in our life. Therefore important to note that knowledge comes first as it helps in driving a lot of things that life considers important. According to her, knowledge is very important in knowing the correct way to use the mind unlike skills which are just applied

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