According To Francis Bacon: The Characteristics Of Innovation

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According to Francis Bacon “He that will not apply new remedies must accept new evils; for time is the greatest innovator.” Merriam Webster defines ‘Innovation as the introduction of something new, a new idea, method or device’. Innovation is otherwise defined as the process of making improvements by introducing something new. Innovation is more than having new ideas. It is the understanding and gathering of insights, needs and opportunities. It includes the process of successfully introducing them or making things happen in a new way. It turns ideas into useful, practicable services. As nature illustrates most changes happen gradually innovation encompasses this gradual improvement of existing ideas and forms, products and services as well…show more content…
Each part or role in the drama of turning ideas into useful reality calls for creativity, imagination, experience and ingenuity. 1.5.3. Characteristics of Innovation Innovation is evolutionary The spirit of innovation is evolutionary rather than revolutionary. As the Japanese proverb puts it, “I would rather teach one hundred men, to take one step forward than teach one man to take a hundred steps.” For managing innovation by definition is about making things happen. If planned changes arouse antagonism or prove to be unacceptable to a critically large number of people, then they are inadvisable. Innovation that better satisfies a need will be welcomed with acceptance. Innovation is gradual Innovation is not dependent solely upon new inventions. Existing products and services, organizations and institutions, should also undergo change intended to improve them. In this case change is not a quantum leap forward, but a series of steps – some small, some large – in a desired direction. Innovation, as the introduction of change in this sense, has the essential characteristic of being gradual. It is concerned with the smaller modifications or alterations in what already…show more content…
• Innovation is more positive and less threatening. • Everyone can be fully involved in innovation. Innovation introduces Change 'Observe always that everything is the result of change “wrote the Roman emperor and philosopher Marcus Aurelius. Change is experience, as something that is happening in the world and also as something that is perhaps happening to one personally. As innovative individuals, all are agents of change. Change creates change, and so the volume and pace of change educational, technological, social, political increases. 1.5.4 Conditions for effective innovation In order that innovation may be successful, the following conditions are essential for it to flourish. Flexibility Flexibility is the key quality to the truly innovative institution. Flexibility is the ability – personal as well as corporate for modifying, altering and perhaps radically changing what is being done. Rigid and not flexible structures produce inertia. The flexible person, team or organization is capable of responding or conforming to changing or new situations. In flexible and open organizations, adjustments to new developments and changes are quickly made. Flexibility is a must for the innovative to bloom and flourish. Flexible teacher is capable of responding or conforming to new situation or

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