According To Gerard Slattery: My Personal Philosophy Of Education

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According to Gerard Slattery “philosophy begins in the self”. I understand that my personal philosophy of education does not come ready made. Paul Conway insisted that, “everything you have experienced up to now, has shaped you on how you think schools and education are managed”, and I believe that although what I have experienced up to now has influenced my opinions, these ideas are not rigid. I find as I continue to learn and experience, my ideas are developing further. For this reason I think that the essay should be titled ‘’My Current Philosophy of Education’’ , and this is what I plan to speak about. Each day I gain a greater insight into why people educate in the way that they do and I am prompted to think of alternative methods and ways in which they can be improved upon. As I learn about others philosophies I am slowly arriving at what I can call my own philosophy of education. This reinforces Timothy Murphy’s appreciation of “doing” the philosophy of education in order to “have” a philosophy of education. I believe that an Educators personal philosophy separates them from other teachers and helps make connections with students and build relationships. One idea that really interests me is Maxine Greene’s thought that we all start off eager to be a great teacher and be the best we can possibly be, but we fall short when it comes to the practice of our own philosophies due to the demands of institutional situations. I think that some teachers spend years researching

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