Plato's Ideal System Of Education Analysis

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Question 1
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12 December 2014
Ideal System of Education “If a man were born tall and strong, his size and strength would be of no good to him till he had learnt to use them” (Emile, 2). Every person came to this world weak, without any knowledge. No one can cope with his/her abilities immediately from the birth, because it takes time and experience to learn them. From the birth human can know only about his wants, and he needs help to know about his needs. Thus, every person would die without help from the birth, the help known as an education. Education plays a significant role in human’s life, as it will shape a human as an individual. A purpose of education is to give an intellectual, moral,
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The goal of Plato’s system of education is to raise “noble puppies” since in the third book of “The Republic” Plato discusses about an education of guardians. In Plato’s ideal state people are divided into groups. He believes that it would be the most effective way. Guardians are in middle group, which is called “auxiliaries”. Their main duty is guard the citizens of “The Republic”. Plato sees guardians in this republic as puppies, which are “fierce with enemies and gentle with familiars” (The Republic, 61). The most important quality that should immunize guardians is a fear of death. Guardians should rather choose death than life, in case if they would be slaves for enemies. As it mentioned they should be like “noble puppies”. They should protect all with what they are familiar and attack whatever is new. Therefore, an education of guardians should be controlled from the childhood by developing certain skills, which will be beneficial for guardians. They should not waste their time for learning something, which is not related to them. Otherwise, it would not be effective. Thus, the main goal of this education is raising an effective citizen and creating an ideal…show more content…
Even the greatest philosophers like Rousseau and Plato developed their systems of education, which are not perfect. They also can be criticized. Concerning to Plato’s system of education I can say that it is not an appropriate method for raising a child. Plato’s system of education will raise an ideal citizen, but human should be educated for himself. Education is acknowledging ourselves and by acknowledging ourselves we try to understand why exist in this life. Instead of training a human for himself, we try to train him for others. A child raised according to Plato’s system of education would be a good citizen, so he would hate foreigners, because every patriot hates foreigners. Based on this and many other factors we can say that Plato’s system of education is not appropriate for the 21st century. Nowadays people value individuality and democracy. Therefore, for our days it is good to raise a child as a good individual. For this, we can say about some principles of Rousseau. He also argued that a child should be educated for himself, not for other one. His system of education could be a good system of

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