According To Rousseau's Thesis In The Social Contract From Leviathan?

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1. According to Rousseau people need a government because in a state of nature, men had to unite because it was the only way they would survive. People want to unite for a common good. Protection of life and property. 2. A state of war will happen between the ruler and the ruled about whether a particular law is a legitimate natural law. 3. Yes, Rousseau believes some people are born slaves of nature, but he believes that they must be born for slavery. In the Social Contract he explains that when you are a slave you loose your desire for freedom, and that this can perpetuate generations of slavery. 4. Rousseau Believed that humans could form a community when a social contract was agreed on. To be in this social contract man must give up his freedom to live in anarchy…show more content…
I believe you cannot justify the confederate states of america because the citizens must have utmost respect for the total soverignty for protecting the commonwealth, the only way you could justify it, is if the Union was breaking a natural law which I do not belive they were by abolishing slavery. Leviathan analysis 1. Hobbes 's main thesis in "The Social Contract from Leviathan," is that civil peace and social unity are nescessary in order to establish foundations that would allow the creation of a society. ' 2. Hobbes defined equality as equal rights and no greater power for men over women. No, I agree with Hobbes, this is the same point of view I have on equality. 3. Hobbes believed the social contract is a creation of the sovereign. in the social contract individuals contract with one another to give up the right of self-government, and give it to the sovereign 4. natural laws are morals that never change and apply to society as a backbone of conduct for humanity. Natural laws are political because some people may disagree with the laws and try to tweak them, however, this could disrupt the equilibreum between the rulers and the

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