Unit 8 Accounting Information System

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Accounting Information System (AIS) mainly help the company in managing the decision making process (Dull, Gelinas & Wheeler, 2012). They will be using the intelligent system in doing so. For example, if Telekom Malaysia Berhad wish to implement a new plan on the internet service to customer, with the help of AIS, it will help the manager to decide whether this plan is suitable 10 and bring profit in implementing this plan. AIS bring the better evidence in doing the financial decision and perhaps, it helps in solving all the problems that faced previously.
Accounting Information Systems (AIS) is a tool in which it is associated and integrated into field of Information and Technology systems (IT), are designed to help in the management and
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TM is a big company where they need a proper database in keeping the customer information. Therefore, AIS do add value to TM in order for them in managing the customers’ details. This database is useful where the collection of data and the storage become more appropriate. It became easy for the employee in searching for any information needed. For the accountants, financial records and analysis of financial reports can be done easily by using AIS. The accountants can easily assess the past financial statement in auditing procedure too. In this case, preparing financial records will not be a trouble for TM anymore because accountants able to control well in the business process that is going on by TM (Dull, Gelinas& Wheeler, 2012).
Next, the business operation has amended by using AIS (Dull, Gelinas & Wheeler, 2012). For instances, hiring employees, implementing an internet plan and the account receivable process is not a trouble for the company anymore. AIS aid in decrease the burden in a company the organization of business done effectively. For example, the account receivable process which was a difficulty to TM without using AIS. With the help of AIS, the process in managing the account receivable is done well where the debtors can be detected using AIS. The credit limit can be detected easily when the data is keyed
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The expenditure by TM is minimized and therefore, net income is higher compared with without using AIS. The operation for TM is improved where the complicated procedure can been done easily. Thus, the firms’ performance is improved.
Lastly, the AIS do help system development and operation (Dull, Gelinas & Wheeler, 2012). It provides the management decision for the managers. On the other hand, AIS which act as communicator will communicate between accountants and the managers in evaluation for the 11 decision making process. In TM, there is many board of directors, meanwhile, the financial report will act the communicator of the business operation and communication between the board of directors and the employees. So that the operation done by employees can be understand easily by the top managers and the board of directors.
AIS function well in giving many advantages to the company in many ways. AIS help to lighten up the burden that faced previously. With the advancement of the system, accountants’ job is getting easier and the complicated process in auditing can be eliminated. Besides that, the board of directors can have a clear idea on the daily business
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