Accounting Motivation Statement

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1. Ability to establish rapport with customers from diverse backgrounds and complex needs and provide efficient and high quality customer service. Experience in retail, hospitality, sales, banking or other customer service environment is required
My Response: Throughout my employment as an auditor in-charge and a telemarketer and customer service, I have substantiated my abilities to build trustworthy professional relationships with people from diverse backgrounds. I also listened much to their needs and situations, and I identified their needs for further process, advice and actions in timely manner. I have work experience in Accounting firms, Australian government department, as an auditor accountant.
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In addition, my work experience as an accountant, has been value added by my further qualification as a financial planner at Deakin University. During my study in Financial Planning, at Deakin University, I have been assigned some case problems, such as preparing budgets, choosing the proper financial products, and other financial management tasks for my future clients.

3. Demonstrated experience in administrative and office management processes, such as petty cash, appointment management and rostering.
My response: Beside my work experience, I also volunteered before for KHAUS division, in World Vision, as an office support staff. I volunteered for one year, and during the volunteering, I have developed my experience in administrative and office management. I was the point of contact for the KHAUS coordinators in World Visions. Additionally, I also just completed a contract position with National Australia Bank, as their fund administrator, with some of my tasks were processing payments, documenting legal documents, communicating with the customers and management,
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5. Demonstrated ability to follow procedures, processes and compliance requirements whilst paying attention to detail.
My response: Throughout my work experience, I have demonstrated my ability to follow the procedures, processes, and compliance requirements, while paying attention to details. For example, in my previous work experience as an auditor, I had to follow the Auditing Standards, and Professional and Ethical guidelines, in completing my audit projects. Also as an auditor and a fund administrator, I have to pay attention to details, for example, I identified and corrected some mistakes that seemed insignificant, while they had very big impacts to the financial statements of these related clients.

6. Ability to work under pressure through effective planning and prioritising and being flexible/ adaptive to change.
My response: Throughout my work experience, I have demonstrated my ability to work under pressure. For example, as an auditor accountant, I had completed my audit projects promptly and sometimes, I could complete the audit projects prior the deadlines, due to my work efficiency and good management

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