Accreditation In Managed Care

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The patients have also been assured of high quality services since the team of healthcare providers are well trained professionals who have passed high accreditation process. The method is to ensure that the providers are competent and aware of their roles in servicing the enrolled members in the system. This guarantees the patients welfare in ensuring that their health is well catered for and being comfortable at the hands of the well credited providers. Many lives have been saved due the availability of the professionals’ team of providers that is ready to serve its enrolled members. The managed care has also established communications lines to the members. The patients are therefore able to make a 24/7 call to enquire on their health progress…show more content…
This concepts of doctors majoring to specific enrolled members in the healthcare system has enabled them to create a good track of the illness affecting them. This makes the treating process faster having familiarized oneself with the clients’ problems. This becomes easier for them to do the treating procedures to their clients’ and achieving desirable outcomes. The better good relationships established have given doctors an easy way in handling their clients in the most effective way. The system has also become successful in perfecting the doctors’ skills and services. The accreditation process that requires a doctor to undergo gives birth to competent and able doctors in the in the healthcare sector. The doctors are also given an opportune moment to go further studies at the expenses of the managed care scheme. The medical conferences held annually by the America Medical Association has further increased the doctors’ experiences in…show more content…
The sole purpose of providing quality medication at affordable prices has become the main concern since the 19th century when the idea of managed care was first introduced. This has been achieved with many Americans not only the low class but the whole population glad on the success of this method of healthcare. The system has become a common practice with many organization adopting it. The program should be adopted in all states of America and the gospel should further be preached globally so that the same method should be accepted and incorporated into their health sector since it is efficient, affordable as well assuring quality healthcare services to the

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