Advantages Of Acculturating

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Response- Great Debate I strongly believe that acculturating is better than assimilating in a new country because of many reasons. Acculturating can better develop yourself and your culture. Culture is something every person has and guides us through our lives. If you assimilate, you will forget your own culture because you want to blend in. Assimilation is bad because you are losing your own culture which has been passed on from generation to generation through centuries. Cultures is what makes the world diverse and if everyone assimilates, we will lose many cultures. This leads me to my statement about why acculturating is better than assimilating. Acculturating isn’t always the best option if you want to make friends in a new country but I believe it is the right option. Assimilating will make you blend in and people would want to be around you because you’re all the same. Acculturating could make you feel left out and some people may want to avoid you. Assimilating means following the host country’s traditions which would make you feel normal. Many people would want to be your friend but sometimes you could still make decisions based on own culture which could…show more content…
People should not be judged by their culture or identity. Many people today are open- minded about everyone’s culture and traditions. Assimilation can cause a loss of many cultures that have been passed on from elders. Acculturating is what many people have been doing today to make the world a more culturally diverse place to live. Many cultures have been extinct because everyone in that culture group assimilated. To conclude my argument, acculturating is the better choice for migrants because culture is your identity. It is important to have your own identity instead of assimilating into another culture. Culture belongs to everyone and should never be forgotten because it is our identity and who we
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