Acculturation In Caribbean Culture

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Introduction As time passed by, so too did the traditions and customs of people since culture is something that is easily accepted by a society that has not develop an appreciation for their own culture. This notion can be termed acculturation where persons from one society shares their culture with another society and the latter society adapts selected parts of the former society culture (Organista, Marin & Chun; 2010). Through acculturation comes various aspects such as a change in lifestyle, increased diseases, weaken traditions which leads to an alteration in norms and values and a change in the mind-set of the people in the affected culture. One originator of acculturation is globalization, due to the easy accessibility of travelling…show more content…
yams, potato, and cassava), pepper, chicken and fish, and a variety of fruits and vegetables. The combination of these foods with a mixture of others were influenced by the various people and culture from Spain, France, Britain and the others that were in control of the different islands when slavery was in effect (2012). These foods, though consumption is still high, have been somewhat neglected for a more tasty type of foods that is believed to be originated from the United States. As seen in Caribbean history, ground food, was the main meal course, as it is believed that islands such as Jamaica, Tobago and Grenada have individuals that are physically strong due to the type of food they…show more content…
These persons are jokingly called ‘fresh water yanky’ because they have cultured themselves to match the Americans. This behaviour has influenced a change in the islands culture as a new development and interest for an American lifestyle was being pursued after. One change that occurred was the health of the Caribbean people. As migration became popular, people experienced new lifestyle and was keener to the United States own. This influenced the market for importing and exporting goods that the Caribbean islands would now seek after to satisfy their customers demand (Orozco, 2003). Such action eventually lead to the expansion of businesses and corporations which includes fast food restaurants (e.g. Subway and Mc Donald), frozen foods companies (e.g. Tyson Foods), and dieting companies (e.g. weight watchers). The dependence on the United States for the Caribbean advancement is accepting and thus “dependence on the outside world for life styles and patterns of consumption” (Thomas-Hope, 1985) is customary. This dependence has brought with it its afflictions, which in turn is bad for the citizens in the Caribbean who did not rationalize the outcome of such dependency. According to the World Health Organization,

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