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3.Discourse Theory 4.The Monitor Model 5.The Variable Competence Model 6.The Universal Hypothesis 1. The Acculturation Model Acculturation is defined (Brown, 1980) as the process of becoming adapted to new culture. Acculturation is determined by the degree of social and psychological distance between the learner and the target language culture. So, the acquisition of SLA is influenced by a culture, social and psychological distance. Learning factors involve in SLA. 1.Language shock: Its the anxiety that a learner has in learning a language.having doubts and confusion in using the language. 2.Culture shock: Because of the difference of the learner culture and target language culture , the learner become stressed an fearful to adjust in…show more content…
Unplanned discourse is the daily conversations. Evaluation The VCM of SLA attempts to account for (1) variability of language-learner language, and (2) the external and internal processes responsible for SLA. SLA is the result of the exchange of linguistic process of discourse construction involving both the leaner and interlocutor. DEFENCE OF KRASHEN'S MONITOR MODEL Krashen's Monitor Model has enjoyed considerable prominence in SLA research.It is the most comprehensive of existing theories, acceptable and justified.It consists of five central hypothesis. TheAcquisition-Learninghypothesis, TheMonitorhypothesis, TheInputhypothesis, TheNaturalOrderhypothesis TheAffectiveFilterhypothesis. 1. TheAcquisition-Learning hypothesis ItisthemostimportantofallthehypothesesinKrashen'stheoryandthemostwidelyknownandinfluentialamonglinguistsandlanguagepractitioners.…show more content…
Manylanguage students may feel worried about the level of their language. This often prevents them from speaking or taking in the language at all. In addition, many learners tend to monitor their use of the language too much, focusing more on accuracy than fluency which in turn prevents them from using the language in a communicative manner As both the acquired and the learned languages saved in the left hemisphere of the brain so it requires a proper monitorfor the utterances in a particular language. When the acquired languages are saved in an area of the brain, it is saved with a proper rule. It becomes a natural order. A learner when speakshe'll change the route while producing. He do concious efforts inspeaking the learned language While speaking, it is our montiorwhich keep doing monitoring of our utterances. This monitor can work in conditions. Either a speaker has sufficient time while he's speaking , if a person knows the correct forms, structure not the meaning or if the learner knows the rule. There should be an internalized knowledge before acquiring the language which is called

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