Ace 5 Company Case Study Answers

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Analysis Problem In recent, Ace 5 Company is dropping in the sales cause the company facing losses. In order to solve the poor sales performance, the top management has found out the problem face by the company. With this problem, Ace 5 Company could not create a successful business venture and achieve to its goal. The main problem suffered by the company is the manager lack of leadership skill. Manager lack of leadership skill may also cause them lack of problem solving skill and lack of communication skill. Leadership Skill Leadership is very important to guide the employees bringing the company straight on the road to development. However, Ace 5 Company was facing the problem of lack of leadership skill. Some of the managers do not delegate the tasks to their subordinates, as they think that no one can do the key jobs properly apart from themselves. They do not understand the ability of their subordinate, so they hard to trust them can do the work correctly. This may cause an obstacle or make a conflict between the manager and the employees. This may also cause the employees lost confident in carrying out the task and become less productive. Due to the manager are not willing to delegate the tasks and guide, the employees unable to learn new things from this company. Therefore, most of them decided to quit the company. Besides that, the managers…show more content…
It is because he cannot provide a clear instruction, listen to subordinates’ perspectives, and communicate well with subordinate. Some of the new managers in Ace 5 Company are unable to provide clear and effective instruction to their subordinates. Due to they are newcomer, they may lack of experience in communicating with the existing subordinates in the workplace. The new managers do not have a clear understanding of their job. Sometimes they giving a fuzzy instruction result in their subordinates misunderstand and do wrong the
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