Acecook Vietnam Case Study

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1/ Introduction: 1.1 Overall history: Being a long - standing instant noodles producer in Japan, Acecook investment pioneered into Vietnam market and created a joint-venture company of Acecook Japan and a food company in Vietnam on 15/12/1993. The result of the investment is the great development of Acecook Vietnam. 1.2 Products: Over 20 years of continuous innovation and development, Acecook Vietnam has provided the domestic market more than 50 products with 200 different flavors in the noodle and rice products sector. The product that brings the success, as well as the flagship product of Vietnamese acecook is the Hao Hao noodle. This is a product that has brought acecook Vietnam profits to build more branch factories across the country. Beside Hao Hao, there are some famous products such as Lau Thai noodles, De Nhat noodles, modern cup noodles ... In recent years, acecook Vietnam has launched new and successful noodle products such as Hit Ha noodles, doremon noodles, udon noodles, Mikochi noodles, ... Moreover, acecook also gives consumers more choices with other products made from rice such as Xua va Nay pho, Phu Huong mien, Nhip Song hu tieu,… 2/ Vision and mission 2.1 Bring satisfaction to consumers The noodle culture has profoundly affected the Vietnamese people for many years. Acecook Vietnam has conducted many surveys to understand customers needs and wants. Over 20 years of development with the experience of a instant noodle manufacturer in Japan for a long

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