Acelin Persyn: The Rape Victim

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One Wednesday night just before 10 p.m., three kids were home alone while their father went out and would return shortly. These three kids were James Persyn the third, Acelin Persyn, and their much younger sibling Angus Persyn. It was only a few minutes after their father stepped out, when these kids mainly, James, were going face to face with the test of life and death. This test would come in the form of a rape victim with the desire to live, and a murderous, abusive, convicted rapist and killer. James Persyn the third is important to know because he is the true definition of courageous. He saved a rape victim, from Central Michigan University that most people wouldn 't help, given the risk of the situation. Even if we tell ourselves that…show more content…
When the events occurred “Acelin Persyn was playing with her little brother in the living room when suddenly the children heard frantic banging on their front door. “Her voice sounded like she was about to die if I didn 't open that door”. James said. He hesitated and looked at his sister who stood stunned and silent. He could have ignored the woman 's screams for help, could have kept this freighting intrusion out of their house and lives. A lot of people would have been like “Get the hell off my porch” James said. Instead the Teenager unlocked the door and the woman came charging in and hid in the kitchen. By opening the door for the victim it shows that James was caring. Even when the woman came charging inside the house with bruises and cuts he never told her to leave. Most people I think even myself included what’ve told her to get off my porch like james said. Nine times out of ten people wouldn 't let u inside. James, although, was the tenth person to let this woman inside her home so the victim wouldn 't continue to be hurt by Eric Ramsey. The man who kidnapped her. All these actions further show that James is kind, caring, and different from most people. James Persyn the third is courageous because he is brave in dangerous situations. “Acelin peered out the window, she saw a moving vehicle with a menacing slowness. It was Ramsey, James locked the front door and ran to the side door to lock it, He herded everyone into the bathroom to hide. The injured women got into the
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