What Are Haydn's Major Accomplishments

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Some of Joseph achievements are he was a prolific composer with 104 symphonies also he has 62 piano trios sonatas also more than 90 more quarters to his name. Some of Joseph achievements were long confused by the fact that an enormous amount of his work were very wrongly attributed to him. He worked on a definitive catalogue of his compositions continuing into the 20th century. In his early career he experimented with prevailing stylistic trend. Then he adopted light gray and elegant musical style that was really popular at the timer in Austria. During the 1760’s Joseph began to solidify and make his style of music better. Some of the books that he has wrote are London Symphonies, also the Complete Piano Sonatas. He had been a house officer. For a very long decade he had an even more chance to make his fame go further. In the early 1780’s even thing were rough he still had the viennese firm Artaria published his six Opus 33 quartets. So…show more content…
Joseph style was so different then all of the people he knew is this is because of his classical style that he had. One of his most famous loud chords was called the “surprise” symphony. Some of Joseph styles of what he called rollicking which is found in the “London” symphony. Haydn's slow movement are not really that slow like his tempo and other styles of music.

The reason the style of Haydn’s music is important is because he was a very famous person back then and a lot of people like they way he played his music and all the good things he did for the people around him also. He teached a class that help younger kids how to learn music ay better than what they had already known. All the work that Haydn did was about six decades that they had to gather up all the information they could on him. In 1770’s he entered a style known as the stylistic period known as the “Sturm and
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