Achievements Of Life Expectancy

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Longer life expectancy is arguably one of humanity biggest achievements. Medical progress, public-health efforts, rising standards of living, better education, healthier nutrition and a more hygienic lifestyle in the past century lead to an substantial increase in life expectancy worldwide.(1) In developed countries around 30 years in life expectancy have been gained, in these societies the oldest-old group – i.e., those aged 80 and over – have been the most rapidly expanding segment of the population over the past decades.(2,3) It is expected that by 2050, the worldwide population of older adults (more than 60 years old) may grow to nearly 2 billion, with 80% of that population living in developing countries.(4) However, humanity’s big achievement has its pitfalls; the years gained in life expectancy might be years with disability, since disability increases with age, and therefore people are not only living longer but are also experiencing morbidity and disability over a longer period.(5) Worldwide, the trend toward longer life has been accompanied with an increasing prevalence of diseases in older adults, and decline in mobility, independence and other functions that are essential for a good quality of life.(6) The WHO estimates that 10% of the world 's population has some form of a disability, 20% of those aged 70+, and 50% of those aged 85+.(7,8) With women experiencing more disability in old age than men.(9)
One major source of disability is falling, the leading

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