Achieving A Dream In Alexander Hamilton's Life

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As a child you dream about the multiplicity impossible things that you want to achieve ,but as you grow, you realize the dream you had can’t touch your fingertips no matter how far you reach;therefore,you should dream big because of the things you achieve trying to get to your goal. Numerous times people will tell you your idea is impossible because of how insane it sounds ,but nothing is impossible. For example, Alexander Hamilton wants to go to Kingston 's college on a scholarship at an extremely young age so,he had innumerable people tell him he was being idiotic but with the help of Mr.Burr he obtained the scholarship. After he did that ,he joined the revolution and,with his new found knowledge, he became an important part of the government and the results of that was he went down in history. Hamilton 's dream sounded deranged at that time ;however,he didn’t cease making an effort and became an important part of American…show more content…
It’s not just about the recognition you get after you achieve your dream, it’s also about what you get while you 're reaching for the end. For example, there is a book where a young boy ,Jack ,wants to find his father after his disappearance. Even after large amounts of evidence saying he died, he still believes his father’s alive. As he looks for his father , he meets many divergent and varying people who he helps and after explaining his situation says he’s insane and ridiculous but help him by virtue of the promises to return the favors he had done. The results of this is even if he didn’t find his father, he still achieves multitudinous new friends along the way in trying to achieve his dream of being reunited with him. In conclusion, you should dream big because of the things you may achieve even if you don’t or do reach it. Like a famous quote once said “shoot for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the
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