Achieving Educational Goals

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Write a statement providing information concerning your educational goals and objectives while attending UT Arlington. Discuss your plans for using your education to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Goals were introduced to me in the eighth grade, and ever since I have created an immense amount of goals that I have achieved or plan to achieve in the near future. Going into UT Arlington in the Fall I have created two-goals: 1) Through these years I have used time management and backward planning to get me through high school, because I have more freedom it doesn 't mean I have to slack but to push myself to do what is right in achieving my bachelor’s degree and maintaining my GPA at a 3.75 or higher. 2) With the freedom granted in college, I need to make wise decisions
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Coming from immigrant parents, life hasn 't been the easiest. My dad has been living in the United States since he was seventeen and until this day he has worked daily, through summer 's scorching sun and winter 's bitter cold, to provide for his family. Seeing him sacrificing himself to bring food on the table and a roof over my head I feel it is time to repay him for what he has done for me. He has taught me to never give up in what I believe in, to hold my head up high for those who want be fail and prove to them, and most importantly myself, that I can do it. Attending college will show my dad that his hard work is going to pay off and know that I succeeded because he was there since day one. Another person who has influenced me to go to college is my AVID (Advanced Via Individual Determination) teacher, that since junior year of high school, has been there through SAT/ACT testing, in my college application process. She has been someone to motivate more to attend college because she sees potential in every single student, no matter what circumstance they are in. Going to The University of Texas at Arlington would be a form of payment to her for dedicating her time and
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