Achieving The American Dream Analysis

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#22 “Achieving the American Dream”

Our heritage is an important part of who we are. Our heritage is something that is inherited from our great ancestors.Although I was born in America, my parents were born in Ecuador therefore my heritage is Ecuadorian. In America many immigrants come to find a better life. While being in America some immigrants forget about their heritage and follow the American ways. As generations follow the children of the first immigrants have lost their heritage due to following the American ways. We have to remember that our heritage makes us who we are and we can never forget about it. Our heritage can help ourselves and help those around us.
In “Achieving the American Dream” Andrea Cuomo and Immaculata Giordano both come to America to live a better life for them and their family to come. After having three children, they decide to open an Italian grocery. This is an example of having pride in their heritage. When Mario Cuomo was born the Italian Grocery was full of customers waiting for many things such as “the provolone, the Genoa salami, the prosciutto, the fresh bread, the fruits and vegetables. Our store gave our neighbors a delicious taste of Italy in New York.” This example states that the grocery gave people around New York a taste of their Italian heritage.
“My parents lacked the
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This story explains to not be ashamed of your heritage but to embrace it, because it is that, that makes you the person who you are. Taking pride in your heritage has a great effect in yourself and to others. The positive effects of having pride gives things to people like Mario’s parents who gave people in New York a taste of Italian food. Another positive effect of having pride in your heritage is sharing your history with people to help them, such as the values Mario was taught by his parents that not only helps him but can help

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