Achieving The American Dream Community College Essay

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Community colleges and the American dream The American dream, is dreamt by many, but achieved by few. The road to prosperity and success is tough, but with hard work and dedication, the dream is soon to become reality. In many cases, people plant their seed in a community college close to home; where they’re able to stay with their family, while keeping the American dream alive. Personally, I believe Community colleges benefit in many ways like; saving you money, offering more time to decide your future and it allows your voice to be heard. In the article, “Bridges or Barriers”, the writer tells the readers that “Community colleges have a critical role to play in providing access to the American dream.” Community colleges do have a critical role in achieving the American dream, but in order to achieve success you’re going to have to want it. Money is probably the main reason people attend community based colleges. The writer of “Bridges or Barriers,” mentions that “More than 6.5 million students attend the nearly 1,200 two-year colleges, located in all 50 states. Sixty-five percent of students from families with incomes of less than $20,000 attend community colleges”, that’s a high percentage of families receiving a very low income. Without money people wouldn’t be able to get a higher education, so those who weren’t blessed financially have to work…show more content…
Who wouldn’t want an extra two-years to reconsider life and reevaluate their goals? Community colleges near home give plenty of opportunities to exceed life. Preparing every college student to manage the real world, and be able to take care of their responsibilities. Time doesn’t stop for anybody, so by having an extra two years is like saying you’re living a blessing. Life is not easy, but community colleges are there to assist in overcoming the first couple years of the adult
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