Achilles And Achilles In The Iliad And Medea Analysis

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Achilles and Hector in The Iliad and Medea and Jason Medea all have characteristics that eventually led to their downfall. Achilles is a furious man, and it leads him to do unspeakable things. Hector is very prideful, and it clouds his judgement. In Medea, Medea is revengeful, and all she thinks about his getting revenge. Jason is insensitive, and it cost him his family. All four characters have many character flaws but only one flaw admittedly lead to their downfall. Achilles is the greatest warrior in Homer 's The Iliad but he has many positive characteristics but he also has a few negative characteristics. Achilles was heroic, strong and brave but he has negative characteristics such as anger and rage. Sequentially anger lead to Achilles downfall. When Achilles finds out that Hector has killed his dear friend Patroclus, Achilles becomes very anger and vengeful. The only thing on his mind is killing Hector. Achilles is so angry at Hector that he constantly thinks about killing him and getting revenge. His anger takes over his body and nothing can stop him from getting to Hector, not even the gods. Achilles gets to Hector and desecrated his body. Achilles does not give Hector a proper burial instead he parades Hectors body on the back of his chariot. Achilles seemed proud of what he had done. He did not…show more content…
In Medea by Euripides, Medea 's character flaw that ultimately led to her downfall is revenge. Medea 's husband Jason left her to marry a younger, beautiful woman. Medea becomes outraged, and all she thinks about is getting revenge. She kills Glauce, Jason 's new wife, and her father, Creon. She wanted her revenge to be perfect she even killed her own children to get revenge on Jason leaving her. Madea killing her own children made her feel powerful in a sick way. It 's almost like she wasn 't a mother to those children for a second. Madea is the one who suffered the most. Revenge got the best of her and now she has to live with grief for the rest of
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