Achilles 'Gaining In Achilles Agamemnon'

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Achilles is an example of losing and gaining back arete. In book one, Agamemnon is forced to give Chrysies back only if Achilles gives up his prize, Briseis, to him (1.220). This infuriated Achilles and humiliated him. At the end of their quarrel, Achilles decided he would not fight for Briseis and he would simply withdraw from the battle and he would not fight. This was Achilles’s way of revenge for Agamemnon because he too away the one thing that gave him honor and respect. Agamemnon violated his honor and Achilles would not let him have his way. Instead of fighting and trying to get back his prize, he did what he thought would dishonor Agamemnon which was to withdraw from the battle. Later in the Iliad in book 18, Achilles learns that his

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