Achilles In Dante's Inferno

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Dante first met Beatrice at a party his father took him to at the Portinari house. Dante was immediately smitten with her. At the time, Dante was nine and Beatrice a year younger. Although she married another man, Dante remained in love with her since they met. Beatrice died at 24 years, but Dante continued to love and respect her. After the death of Beatrice, Dante began writing poems devoted to her. Dante continued to love her for years until they met again on a street in Florence after which he wrote a sonnet. He said he was his Lord. In her view, she considered that somebody was sleeping in his arms. She opined that it was clothed in a cloth crimson in color. An attentive look by her revealed that that must have been the Lady of the Salutation. The lady had previously held her in low self-esteem. As a consequence, he told her to behold her heart. The way in…show more content…
He mourns Patroclus' death and for a short while, his character changes from that of a strong and resilient warrior to a vulnerable and emotional character. Achilles is however encouraged to go back to the battlefield. When Achilles returns, however, his sole aim is to avenge the death of Patroclus by executing his killer despite the warnings from the gods that the cost of vengeance would be his life. Regarding heteronormativity, it is evident that these values would not apply since both relationships had significant similarities despite the lack of relation between them. In both relationships, it is apparent that one of those involved changes the other in a significant way. In Dante and Beatrice’s relationship, Beatrice has a great impact on Dante’s life both before her death and after she dies. Dante has changed in that he dedicates his life after Beatrice’s death to composing poems about her and her memory. Achilles, on the other hand, changes his character after the death of
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