Achilles In The Iliad

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Homer’s The Iliad proves that Hector and Achilles have vast differences but, their few similarities are some of what we see a lot throughout the epic poem. Both Achilles and Hector have their certain strengths and weaknesses, which are noticeable countless times throughout the conflicts that come up in the Iliad. These two characters have distinct differences in their approaches to fitting the noble form to which they both attempt to achieve. Nevertheless, regardless of their differences and the fact that their armies are rivals and are brought to each other with execration in battle, they also have numerous identical traits which reasonably show the comparison between the two men, Hector and Achilles. Achilles is half god, half beast while,…show more content…
Achilles is superior to many others because, he serves as the Greek army 's best warrior. The Trojans are frightened by the strength that Achilles puts forth, that even his war gear makes them want to run away from him in terror. He shows his strength, as he is capable to conquer the power of Hector and defeat him. Achilles is invincible, unlike Hector, as shown when Homer states, “Achilles’ invincible arms-”(20.569) Achilles has a reputation as a power warrior, as shown throughout The Iliad. The face of death doesn’t stop his courage from shining through. Hector, as well as Achilles, does not fear death but shows courage. Homer has many adjectives to describe Hector such as, “Glorious Hector.”(17.845) Achilles and Hector both parade many of the same qualities. Each demonstrates how their society and Homer determines a hero. They’re adored for their noble qualities and the difficult tasks they achieve. Basically, a hero is a person who can overthrow considerable differences, defend their community, and show bravery, power and strength in the face of…show more content…
Overall, Hector and Achilles had their major differences. Although they were similar in a few ways, most of their differences dominated the similarities. Even though they were both were the best warriors in the same war, both very well-known fighters for each of their own sides, the similarities mostly stopped there. They had different assumptions, strength and weaknesses, and roughly a whole different mindset. Though their demand for power and strength was strong in the end, their differences overrode their similarities and killed
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