Achilles Vs Beowulf Essay

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Heroic Comparison Beowulf and Achilles are excellent examples of individuals who display heroic characteristics. Both men exemplify masculine virtues such as courage, physical strength, and bravery. The hero’s exhibit leadership and command honesty and respect among their peers. Nevertheless, both characters have flaws and weaknesses that make them unquestionably real. Both characters exemplify the traits of bravery and cunning in battle. Achilles is brave because he fights fearlessly. Beowulf is brave because he is courageous, confident, and 100% human. They are brave because they are willing to perish for their mission. The two display quality fighting styles. Achilles fights with pride and anger, whereas Beowulf fights because he has…show more content…
Beowulf fights monsters and beasts to help his people. Beowulf knows that he is not invincible and accepts his likely death. Achilles knows that he is invulnerable so he thinks that he cannot die. The culture that they come from helps determine what they want done with their bodies if or when they die in battle. The Anglo-Saxon’s culture of Beowulf means that he wants his body to be returned to his family, but this means nothing to Achilles and his Greek family. Beowulf and Michael Leckner are modern day heroes because they are both loyal and care for their families. Both additionally Beowulf and Michael have great faith in God and depend on their faith to strengthen them. They demonstrate their love for people close to them by fighting and defending enemies with no regard for themselves. They ensure their people have all of their needs met for survival. Achilles and Beowulf are both hero’s of their times and cultures respectively, and both have characteristics and traits that the heroes of today’s society need. The true traits of a hero are loyalty, honor, leadership, bravery, and caring. These two hero’s exemplify all of these traits and today’s heroes continue to possess these very characteristics. Heroes come in all shapes, sizes, and professions. However, anyone that exemplifies these traits, from a parent to a world leader, possesses these traits and is a hero, even if they are only one person’s
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