Acid Phosphatase Lab Report

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Acid phosphatase is an enzyme commonly found in nature in plants, animals, and protists. Acid phosphatase is found in human bone and prostate tissue. The optimal conditions of acid phosphatase were tested using Michaelis-Menten kinetics to determine the ideal substrate concentration, varied pHs were tested in order to determine the optimal pH, and various temperatures were tested in order to determine the optimal temperature. Using Michaelis-Menten kinetics, the Vmax was determined to be 312.5 nmol/min/mg, the kcat was determined to be 0.1927 s-1 , the KM was determined to be 0.00025 mol-1, and the kcat/KM (catalytic efficiency) was determined to be 770.83 s-1 mol-1. The optimal concentration was determined to be 0.003892 M. The maximally effective pH was determined to be approximately 5. The maximally effective temperature was determined to be 37°C. The Q10…show more content…
Because p-nitrophenol is a yellow colored product, the reaction progress can be measured through measurements of the color intensity using a

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