Acid Rain And Ocean Pollution

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Name: Ng Xin Yi ID number: I14005408 Tittle: Acid precipitation and ocean acidification threaten the environment. Introduction Ocean have maintained stable pH level ten million years ago. However, the pH value of ocean waters has drop year by year since the beginning of industry evolution. The impact on beginning of industry evolution lead to releasing billion tons of carbon dioxide gas and some other greenhouse gases into Earth 's atmosphere. The release of excessive carbon dioxide gas has been absorb over time by the ocean. It may be decrease the rises in temperature due to global warming but new research state that the emission of large numbers of CO2 into the seas is changing water chemistry and threaten the marine organisms, including those at the lower conclude of the food chain. Carbonic acid formed when carbon dioxide dissolve in ocean. It causes acidity of ocean increase. The aim of this report is to investigate that how acid acidification in ocean threaten the aquatic life. Acid precipitation not only threaten the ocean, it also causes acid rain which threaten the land such as soil. The releasing of sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide during combustion of fossil fuels. Sulphuric acid, ammonium nitrate and nitric acid are formed when these gases discharge into atmosphere and react with the water. Acid precipitation became serious during Industrial Revolution and first discovered by Robert Angus Smith, a Scottish chemist in 1852. He found out the relationship
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