Acid Rain: Environmental Causes And Effects Of Acid Rain

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plants less able to withstand cold temperatures, insects, and disease. The pollutants may also inhibit trees ' ability to reproduce.” Acid rain deprives soil of its nutrients to allow plants to retain water, thus disrupting the food chain for animals and creatures that depend on plants. The acidity in the water can cause a declining in aquatic animals sensitive to acidic pH levels derived from acid rain, and can cause a ripple effects of animals going extinct. With biodiversity loss, this can cause a disruption of the food chain and the ecosystem. Decline of species can cause a declining slope for the food chain regulation, predators will have no prey and will eventually starve. Species help regulate the ecosystem and a decline in species can lead to a decline or reproduction in the ecosystem. To avoid the effects of acid rain, an implementation to reduce consumption of fossil fuels should be administered. To reduce the effects of acid rain, there must be a reduction on the amount of pollutants we directly emit into the air. Air pollution is the root cause of acid rain, and with power plants releasing massive amounts of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides when fossil fuels are burned, we are adding more flame to the effects of acid rain. According to World Nuclear, China has 38 nuclear power reactors in operation, about 20 under construction, and more about to start construction. China’s electricity is mostly produced from fossil fuels, and 73% produced from coal. To reduce

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