How Does Acid Rain Affect Our Society

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Acid Rain is a big problem especially in the big cities that have big industries like for example: São Paulo, Shanghai, New York etc. This document has interesting facts and explanations about what acid rain consists and affects in our society.

Acid rain contains elevated concentrations of sulphuric and nitric acid. It can encompass big precipitation with the presence of this two acids, this acids can also be found in snow, dried materials particles and in the fog. The green surface or also called “world’s lung” and the eruptions of the volcanoes they release some chemicals into the atmosphere, but the one who most affects the human society is the Acid Rain.

Acid gasses are produced when fossil fuels, like oil or petroleum are burnt in power stations, factories or in our homes. The gases that come out from factories are called SO2 (Sulphur dioxide), and the gases that come from cars and trucks are called and N02 (nitrogen dioxide). Nitrogen dioxide creates nitric acid, sulphur dioxide creates sulphuric acid. Car and truck exhaust fumes are also acid gasses. These gases have around a pH of 3-4 meaning it’s really acidic.

Acid Rain is like a
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Power plants give us the light every day, but it creates lots nitrogen oxides and sulphur dioxide. Scientist has found how to reduce sulphur in different types of ways. One of the ways is to use coal that has less sulphur. Because nitrogen dioxide is produce by burning coal, fossil fuels etc. power plants are changing the way to produce less nitrogen dioxide. Car and trucks produces nitrogen dioxide to the skies making the production of acid rain possible. Engineers are starting to create electric cars that are fast enough like a normal car but that doesn’t produce any nitrogen dioxide. Nowadays people are starting to present the natural gas that produce much less nitrogen dioxide making decreases of the acidic for acid

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