Acid Rain Harmful Effects

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One way researchers can better understand some of the impacts of acid rain is by studying how acid rain affects plant health. For instance, studying the fascinating ways plants interact with acid rain can give botanists and other researchers a better understanding of certain plant species. Therefore, one intriguing question arises: In what ways does acid rain hinder plants’ ability to function, grow, and remain healthy? Although it is known that acid rain has harmful effects on various nonliving things, such as eroding structures, it also has similar harmful effects on living things. For instance, through direct contact with the leaves, and indirect contact through the soil, acid rain affects plants by leaching nutrients, exposing them to toxins, and decreasing their ability to perform photosynthesis.…show more content…
Plant leaves contain a waxy coating, which helps the plant retain water and prevent drying. Once it lands on the leaves, acid rain quickly eats away this coating, which makes the plant susceptible to drying out (Mello 21). Moreover, as concluded from a research conducted at Cornell University, acid rain leaches various nutrients from leaves. In this study, forests exposed to rain with a pH of 4.06 were used to determine the types of nutrients leached. After the acid rain passed through the leaves, it was tested if it contained any nutrients. As expected, the rain was found to contain nutrients such as phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, and potassium (Mello 57). Because the leaching of these nutrients occurred at a relatively fast rate, it was very difficult for the trees to replenish and maintain these

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