Acid Rain Hypothesis

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The effect of acid rain on seedling germination
By Lily and Zeenat
4th May 2017


How does acid rain effect seedling germination(bean seeds)


The bean seeds being watered with acid rain will begin to dry up, lose colour, start cracking and stop growing


To test whether acid rain will have an effect on seedling germination


When sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides incorporate into rain, snow or mist, the result is acid precipitation. Acid rain is particularly deadly to green growing things, impacting forest health, farmers' livelihood and the world's precious food supply.

Diminished Soil Nutrients
As acid rain falls onto soil, it may reduce in acidity because of contact with alkaline or basic substances
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Step 4 : the next two bean seedlings were watered regularly every 3-4 days with 10ml of water and 3ml of the acidic solution for 17 days, they were referred to as B.

Step 5: The third set of bean seedlings were watered regularly every 3-4 days with 10ml of water and 5ml of the acidic solution for 17 days , they were referred to as C.

Table of results showing the effect of acid rain of seedling germination:


My results showed that an increase in the amount of acidic solution the seedlings were exposed to meant the seedlings becoming increasingly dehydrated and began cracking, the colours of the seedlings began changing to a white colour when exposed to small amount of vinegar and lost colour completely when when exposed to a larger amount of vinegar.Whereas A showed signs of growth by its skin shedding, B and C showed no signs of growth.There was a clear significant difference in height, the control seedlings were 2cm whereas the seedlings exposed to 5ml of vinegar only grew to the height of 7mm showing clearly that an acidic solution would have a very definite affect on the growth of the

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