Water Pollution In China Essay

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not helped to solve the problem and have delayed for years an improvement.
Acid rains have also an effect on the water quality but other sources of pollution contribute more to the poor water situation China has today. The level of fresh water is about 170 cube meters per year/per person. This is only 30 cube meters above what United Nations considers the minimum acceptable level. Aside from the fact that coal industry and power stations use 70% of total water the mining industry has also polluted it.
The other source of water pollution is the industry, in particular textiles and electronics. As it is pointed out by the available data at the Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs as it has been with the power of generation – a lack of regulations and enforcements together with inefficient use of water resources has been damaging the water quality and diminishing its availability for agricultural activities. A domino effect has been seen in water pollution which has had an impact on
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The officials mostly continue to ignore what the people really feel and how they live in the polluted environment. But there is nothing more real and powerful than the feedback from the people who are living and suffering this environmental problem in China. And if the Chinese Government will not realize this now, the consequences might be unpredictable for the future of the current leadership.
Conclusion: Although the Chinese government is undertaking actions and adopting legislation in the field of environmental protection, still the situation remains without palpable improvements. Much effort needs to be made by Chinese government for the implementation and realization of the already adopted legislation in the field of environmental
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