Acid Violence: Literature Review

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Chapter 2 Literature Review 2.1 Chapter Overview The current chapter purposes to target the Acid Violence Victims. The research problem has been further categorized with the comprehension of its synopsis. The referential framework is formed keeping in view the objectives of the investigation. 2.2 Role of women in Pakistan According to an article (Ehsan, 2013) the role of womenfolk in our culture has transformed appreciably in the early decades. Women are considered an equivalently vital member. Progressively the position of women is refining, currently they’re sited in diverse fields, such as of education, politics, trade, military, fitness, computer sciences, and sports. However, being part of the 3rd world country and living in a male…show more content…
90% of the women experience domestic violence in their lifetimes. 2.2.3 Types of Domestic Violence • Beatings – Physical abuse • Rape – Sexual harassment • Verbal abuse • Psychological abuse • Acid attacks 2.3 Acid Attacks Along with all the physical, verbal, and psychological harassment is an additional brutal crime – Acid Attack. ASF (Acid Survivors, Pakistan, 2014) states, acid violence is a universal occurrence that is not limited to a certain race, religion or topographical region. It is the decisive utilization of acid to attack another individual. It is a gender precise criminality and the sufferers of acid violence are greatly women and young girls amongst the ages of 14 to 25 years. Moreover, the accessibility of acids used in productions of cotton and rubber, for example, is a prominent reason of attacks. Likewise, kerosene is also readily accessible in Pakistan. Furthermore, weak law, political depravity and cultural dissimilarities between genders have subsidized to accumulating occurrences of acid attacks in many…show more content…
The deed causes severe physical, psychological and social wounding, and victims are frequently left with no lawful remedy, inadequate access to curative treatments or psychological support, and without the ways to upkeep themselves. Very often, the loss of use of their hands makes everyday tasks difficult if not impossible. Without support, many survivors are impotent to find productive employment, and even with assistance, resuming to the routines of their earlier living takes years. Depilex Smile again Foundation (Damage Caused by Acid/ Kerosene Burns, 2014) reports that the consequences of the attack outcome in everlasting mutilating and disfiguration of mouth (may effect in loss of dialect), nose, eyes (may effect in loss of vision), ears (may effect in loss of earshot), complete face, chest, genitalia, loss of flexibility in movement (if acid blends the body parts together), skin stiffness, and stern

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