Ackley Boy Monologue

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Catcher in the rye I was sitting in my dorm room doing nothing but fiddling with my baseball glove, my brother Allie 's baseball glove in fact, when Ackley barged in through the shower curtain. In a teasing manner I greeted him as “Ackley boy” which he was not to thrilled to here. “Hey Ackley boy what did you come over here for?” At first I didn 't think he had heard me, he was just walking around the room picking up and messing around with Stradlater’s books on the desk. Boy did I hate when he did that. It wasn 't that I cared much for the well being of Stradlater 's things but rather Ackleys lack of manners and courtesy. You don 't just start messing around with other people 's stuff when they aren 't around. Christ, you don 't even do
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