Acknoployment: Marketing Management: Case Study: Frooti Cola Company

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ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We must express our indebtedness to God for giving us the opportunity and strength to complete this Marketing project. We are thankful to all the efforts, guidance and moral support given by Dr. Mamta Mohan, our faculty guide. Thanking you Subhi jain-A1802014083 Jayant karol- A1802014172 Nikhil- A1802014105 Varuna- A1802014092 Shwara- A1802014 Anshika- A1802014100 Deepika- A1802014199 Shweta- A1802014070 Anmol- A1802014 Table of Content Sl.No. Particulars Remarks 1. Objective 2. Introduction-Marketing 3. 3.a. Marketing practices Four Marketing Practices of Winners 4. Food, Beverages & Tobacco industry - ThumsUp-coca cola brand 5. Frooti- Parle-g Brand 6. Mirinda- pepsi co Brand 7. Bibliography Objective The case will help the students: » Understand the issues and challenges faced by established companies in a new market. » Analyze the strategies that market leaders should follow to counter competition from new entrants into the market (expanding the total market, expanding market share, and defending market share). » Analyze the strategies that the market challengers should follow in attacking the market leaders. » Discuss and debate whether the strategies followed by firms would let it continue or discontinue. Marketing

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