Acknowledging Gender Pay Gap Essay

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A woman who works full-time and year-round earn less money than men make because they are discriminated against in labor markets. Even though this is just a myth, it does have a claim to it. By adding up the income of men and women and dividing each by the total population of each gender, one will find that men earn an average of twenty percent more than women do. The truth behind the pay gap is how men and women make choices, choices about investing in their knowledge and skills that will lead to their education and overall job experience. However, the job experience of women is lessened by the reality of unequal pay. Although women 's rights have drastically improved throughout the years, women continue to experience unfair competition with men in obtaining a job and equal pay. To promote the equality of men and women,…show more content…
ness introduces the topic by Acknowledging: Gender pay gap, stating that it 's wrong, and asked how can we fix the problem, in her article "The gender wage gap is a symptom that we cannot ignore".To support Gender pay gap is evident in overall women, Ness compares all the women and stated: "women in the United States today are just paid 80 cents for every dollar paid to men". With the difference in Gender Pay Gap of 10,500 dollars in a year. Ness keeps going by stating that if Gender gap was Equal "a Typical woman who holds full-time year-round jobs would have enough money for 1.5 more years of food". because of this difference, women are constantly depressed, Stereotyped, and discriminated yet that lawmakers have not done nearly enough to help the Gender Pay Gap. there are some laws that are trying to help such as; Paycheck Fairness Act, (FAMILY) ACT, Healthy Family Act, Pregnant Worker Protection, Fair Scheduling, there are more on the horizon for women and working families.It would Take till 2059 till the gender gap is equal and that is too long for American women 's families. The lawmakers have the power to change that must
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