Physical Child Abuse

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The Importance of Acknowledging Non-Physical Child Abuse
When the subject of child abuse is mentioned, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it brutal violence inflicted on a child? For most it would seem that’s the answer, however physical violence is not the only way a child can be abused. In fact, it is not even the most common type of abuse. Psychological or emotional abuse, and neglect are much more common than physical abuse, but still gto unnoticed. An article on TIME states: “It may be the most common kind of child abuse — and the most challenging to deal with. But psychological abuse, or emotional abuse, rarely gets the kind of attention that sexual or physical abuse receives.” It is horrible to think that one child is given
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This is teaching children that if there is no physical evidence, then the story is not important. In reality, the opposite is true: “an absence of physical violence does not necessarily mean a lower risk of harm for the victim” (Source). The media often ignores this fact simply because physical forms of child abuse are much easier to identify and they turn more heads. Though the purpose of media is to spread awareness the “flashy” headline is still priority and physical abuses provide this. Also, people do not share the same empathy for non-physical abuse, because it is so common it has become a “normal” thing in society that is ignored (Source). Everyone, at some point, has experienced emotional trauma or turmoil so it is difficult for some to see it as a way of abusing that is really out or the ordinary or worth recognition. CLOSING/TRANSITION SENTENCE…
To identify their effects on a child it is important to first analyze the types of abuse. Emotional abuse, neglect, and domestic violence are the few main types. A
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It is a definite social responsibility to help fellow classmates, neighbors, students, or whatever they may be, when they are in these horrible situations. Some the ways that people can help are: programs at school to assist abuse victims, Spread awareness about the topic, and programs for abusive or at risk parents. Firstly, schools should pair with oganizations like childhelp and give students easily accessible programs on campus. These programs include general advice or help groups, speaking up, coping with violence at home, etc. (Source). Not only can this assist victims of child abuse but it can also reach further by inviting teachers and staff to programs that focus on abuse prevention and identification. Said programs are one of the many ways that people can spread the word. Another method is using media for all types of abuse instead of just physical types. As mentioned in earlier paragraphs: the media is a major reason why abuse is becoming a progressively noticed social issue, it is a powerful tool that should continue to be used to spread awareness. Finally, which is arguably the most important solution, there should be more help for the parents. In many cases abusive tendencies can stem from previous abuse or some typ of personal or mental problem the parent may

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