Aco's Strategic Plan

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ACOs is consider to be groups of doctors, hospitals and insurance companies that connection together to offer a higher-quality of patient care. By improving the quality of care and making more cost-efficient health care decisions. There are ACO core standards in place to ensure that health providers receive the appropriate incentives across the board. ACO’s also have to establish a system wide approach to continuous improvement, and communication, and education to ensure that the quality of care is cost effective. ACO 's Strategic Plan ACO’s require to meet certain benchmarks for keeping patients healthy without requiring a hospital stay. When ACO’s save money by decreasing unnecessary procedures, visits and hospital stays, result in providers…show more content…
ACOs construct incentives for health/medical providers to work together to treat a patient from the doctor’s office to hospital working together as one entity. Medicare Shared Savings Program (Shared Savings Program) has established an incentives program for ACOs that can lower their growing health care cost. In doing so, ACO’s must meet performance standards on quality of care while meeting performance standards for quality of care is being rendered while keeping in mind patient first approach. Incentive reimbursements are centered on any measure other than fee-for-services. Any providers have the right to audit the records of any ACO as they relate to the services they provided, as well as any services that the provider may be responsible for including information that is relevant to how the payments are calculated. The agreement should allow for the right to audit on a reasonable basis and with access provided in a timely manner as determined by the terms of the agreement…show more content…
For example, learning collaborative, and sharing of tools and resources. Dashboards is use to measures the bench marks of an ACO’s performances status. A dashboard aids individual ACOs to see their performance results and benchmarks against other competitors. Dashboards can also be used to view the status across the platform. Establishing system-wide continuous improvement By developing a Care Transitions Dashboard with a multidisciplinary team devoted to improving quality of care is essential to any ACO to be successful. All health care providers need to be on the same page to ensure the correct diagnose is establish upfront, so that the correct test can be done without continuous repeated test. This progress can only be accomplish by staying up to date on the patient’s care. In conclusion Each health care provider must have a deep understanding of each relationship with health care providers. An ACO supports the doctors by making sure that the doctors have the most recent patient’s health care information. ACO’s are able to provide doctor increased access to the expertise, staff, and technology needed to ensure that a patient’s care is coordinated correctly across all areas of services. This is significant to help get the right care at the right time and to keep individuals
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