An Analysis Of Robert Frost's Acquainted With The Night

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Robert Frost is one of the great poets of the American pantheon. Throughout his life, his work was recognized over the US border, particularly in England where he first published. The work of Frost was greatly marked by his attachment to nature (“Storm fear”, “The tuft of Flowers”); attachment that he might have developed from his life in rural communities. Growing up with a single mother after the passing of his father due to sickness, then the death of his kids, Frost’s work have conveyed the immensity of the darkness that has haunted his life. His bitterness, his depression, his sadness, his comfort zone, his wake up calls, his solitude; are some of the elements that a reader can feel reading through his lines. “Acquainted with the Night” is one of Frost’s big piece that we are going to appreciate in the following lines.…show more content…
To the go, the author leads the reader into his space, a specific timeframe in a very specific context that is going to tell you how acquainted he is with “the Night”. Known as a modern poet, Frost has through his productions respected the rules followed by his predecessors. From the first tercet of the poem until the last line, the author cries out his solitude, his loneliness. Most of the lines start off with “I”, he met people during his walk but none of them had a significant or active part in his journey. He dropped his eyes when he passed the watchman, who even during his beat did not acknowledge him, uninterrupted cry came from afar to him but neither was addressed to him. Not even the sole luminary clock against the sky gave him company to light up his steps through the night. The author, narrator, exposes his solitude, his sadness and how he dealt with it by qualifying his state as acquaintance, (l1 -l14: “I have been one acquainted with the

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