Acrobates Pygmaeus Research Paper

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Acrobates pygmaeus Description An Acrobates pygmaeus is a tiny gliding animal, also known as a feathertail glider or a sugar glider, that has a long skinny tail. An average feathertail glider weighs about ten to fourteen grams Its length can range from six and a half to eight centimeters. The color of a sugar glider is a blend between a light brown and a grey. The body of an Acrobates pygmaeus is symmetrical but bilaterally meaning it is symmetrical from left to right. Habitat Feathertail gliders live in the eastern Australia area. Up in the top of a tree is where feathertail gliders live. In areas with tall grass, large trees, and bushes. Up in the trees they are found up to 40 meters from the ground. These animals

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