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Acrylamide Foods to Avoid and The Best Secrets

Do you like your food cooked within an inch of its life? I’m not just referring to steak, either. I’m talking dark brown toast, crunchy fries, grilled kebabs black on the edges and mush in the middle. Many people like their food cooked “well-done”.

Recently, I was revisiting the benefits of going raw, as knowledge on such topics grows quickly in the Internet Age. That’s when I came across something called acrylamide. I had heard of this before, but for whatever reason, it didn’t quite stick.

Another side effect of the Internet Age is that there seems to be info explaining the downside of everything. I’m not even sure I believed acrylamide was harmful! However, I definitely do now. Now, it’s my mission to
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Polyacrylamide has a wide variety of uses, from water treatment and paper making, to genetic engineering and soil conditioning. It’s even in cosmetics, adhesives, caulking, and disposable packaging.

While polyacrylamide is nontoxic, acrylamide is not.

The trouble is, it doesn’t form some infinite bond in the polyacrylamide; it can separate. Therefore, regulations are in place limiting the amount of acrylamide that a manufacturer can use to form the polyacrylamide.

Then, we have acrylamide in food. Like many other toxic variables in existence, production of it doesn’t require a laboratory. That’s right, toxic agents like this can form naturally from certain plant foods.

Yet, as we know, things like arsenic are natural as well, plentiful in the Earth’s crust.

Additionally, there are apple seeds, which contain amygdalin, which can partially convert to cyanide in the body. Though the risk of being poisoned is very low, it’s another reason we avoid many pits and seeds.

In order for many naturally toxic elements to become harmful, a reaction must occur. This reaction is what releases or increases the toxicity of what we ingest. So now, enter the Maillard

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