Act 5 Scene 8.5 Themes In Macbeth

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William Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth, follows the narrative of Macbeth’s tragic degradation. In Act 5 Scene 8.5, it is revealed that Malcolm, who is expected to fill the footsteps of his father as king, had committed many gluttonous actions that eventually resulted in his banishment. Act 5 Scene 8.5 would be successful if added in Macbeth, since it remains consistent with the play’s theme of how greed can lead to one’s downfall, as well as delving deeper into the personalities of the characters. 8.5 should be added into Macbeth since it encompasses the same theme of greed leading to one’s ruin, which highlights its significance to the audience. In the play this theme was depicted through Macbeth’s mental deterioration and eventually his death, as he had perished fighting to keep his title of King of…show more content…
However, 8.5 would actually be beneficial to the audience’s understanding of the theme of how one’s greed can lead to their downfall due to the repetition of the theme portrayed in Malcolm’s downfall. Having two examples of the theme establishes the idea of how disastrous greed can be. The revelation of Lady Macbeth’s infidelity ( furthered this idea as it indicated how Macbeth had lost his status and loyalty due to his savage lust for power. By incorporating Act 5 Scene 8.5 into Macbeth, significant details contributing to character development and the plot would be included, strengthening the play’s overall theme. Macbeth’s storyline would be furthered through the fulfillment of Banquo's prophecy, and the addition of this act continues seamlessly as it remains consistent with the original theme. Adding this scene ties up loose ends in the play, and leaves the reader with a deeper comprehension of
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