Differences Between The Capulets In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo & Juliet

In the city of Verona, where the story of Romeo and Juliet took place, a long lasting hatred between two families with violence and the people stain their hands with the blood of the fellow citizens. Two unluckys teenagers from the enemy families fall in love and become lovers with a secret marriage and commit suicide. Their unfortunate deaths put a stop to their parents hatred and fighting.


Romeo and juliet was set in 1996, the play was set in many public places around Verona during the play Verona is where the two families live. The first scene was in Verona. This scene is about an argument between the two families the (Montagues and Capulets) very scene apart from 1 is set in Verona, the only scene
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The Capulets and Montague are similar in a number of different ways but the two families are also different in some ways as well. A couple of the differences between the two are, the Capulets seem to be more violent and evil, an example of this is: “Tybalt 's reaction to Romeo at the masque, and Capulet when Juliet refuses to marry Paris” . Capulets are also a lot more strict and innocent compared to the Montagues. Montagues come across more laid back and emotional and caring in their family. An Example of this is: “His father is constantly worried about romeo, as his wife, and lady Montague dies of grief of Romeo 's banishment”.
A similarity between the two families are that they are both very wealthy families and live in a big castle, both of the families are also very well known.

How does shakespeare inform the audience that Romeo and Juliet is going to be a tragic play ? :

There are many clues and evidence throughout the play that tells you it is going to be a tragic play. Some of the evidence is

“ oh I’m fortune 's fool”
This means he thinks fortune is playing trick on him in they way he 's a
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