Acteon Dialectical Journal

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Dont dwell on the bad things take action and move on Scene 1: Hey I 'm Acteon Wulf I am 16 and currently living on mars with my mom in the human civilization which exists with aliens known as martians. It was an ordinary day in the civilization of mars, the metallic sun beat down on the solar panels that powered the dome that protected and powered our everyday lives. until one thing happened which would change my life forever. Scene 2: “Acteon” My Mom called as I woke up. “time for breakfast honey,”. The sun is peering through my window. I shift over to look at my alarm. 9:00. ‘Great a full 10 hours of sleep.’ I think. I quickly take a shower and rush to do my chores before my mom asks me to do more. I rushed downstairs and stand in the door. “How 'd you sleep Acteon,”…show more content…
Then in one quick swoop the Martian kicked up dirt, then in the clear he disappeared along with my mother. Scene 6 I rush inside to Alpha approaching me in a hurry. “Sir I heard commotion going on outside is everything alright?” “Where is the ray gun Alpha?” I say in a hurry. “Ray gun? why do you need the ray gun Acteon?”. “A MARTIAN TOOK MOM!” I say now screaming in frustration and anger. Then Alpha snatched me in both of his hands. “Acteon,” He says as he looks right at me. “You need to stop and settle down. Then without notice I break out into tears. Scene 7 While I was sobbing Alpha, went to grab the tissue box for me. “Here sir,” Alpha says as he hands me the tissue box. “Thank you Alpha,” I respond still in tears. “Sir when you are ready, there is something I need to show you in the living room,” Alpha says while he walks into the living room while I throw out my used tissues, when walking towards the living room I see a Blue glow coming from Alpha 's chest. I get closer and my jaw completely drops, The blue glow is a hologram of my Mom.
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