Acting Before Thinking In Romeo And Juliet

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Both Romeo and Juliet and The First Stone come from different genres and time periods; yet readers come off very surprised when they read the two books and find out that they have many similarities in common. Acting before thinking causes regret in the future but everything happens for a reason, and that reason can change your life forever. Acting before thinking can cause ones life to change forever without a reason whereas thinking before acting makes everything happen for a reason. In the play Romeo and Juliet, the two lovers act before thinking and did not think about the consequences in the future and it changes their life. Both lovers knew they were from families that were enemies and yet they continued their forbidden love and even agreed to…show more content…
When Reef was in court fighting for innocence, his aptitude did not change one bit Reef shut down the world around him and he explained to his friends to ”Forget him Reef said. This will be over in a day or two” (Aker 44). Reef thinks he is in his own world where he can cause destruction, and everything will work out in the end, however that will all change later on in the novel. Everything happens for a reason, and that reason can turn ones life around drastically, and in Romeo and Juliet, Romeo met Juliet the night of the mask party instead of Rosaline. They both met that night knowing nothing about each other, yet that one meet changes their lives in the future without them even knowing it. Similarly in The First Stone Reef threw that rock onto that freeway; which leads him to consequences that include volunteering at the same Rehab Centre that Leeza is staying at, and coincidentally Reef gets parried up with Leeza to help her around. In the beginning of the novel Reef is putting on that tough guy ‘I do not care’ look and “Reef wheeled on her. ‘Jesus, Scar [what do she want him to do?] Visit her? Hold her
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